Black History Month: The William H. Maness Collection

Immanuel Bryant
March 3, 2014

William H. Maness Sr. ’38 had several rare books in his possession. While observing the range of subjects within his collection I ran across several books that I was surprised to see that Maness had read. They include but are not limited to: Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver, Eyewitness: The Negro in American History by William Loren Katz, For Whites Only by Robert W. Terry, and A Pictorial History of the Negro in America written by Langston Hughes & Milton Meltzer.
Below is an annotated bibliography of four out of the many prized possessions and rare books I found within his collection. Continue reading


Black History Month: Through the Legacy of Elon Alum, William H. Maness

Immanuel Bryant
February 7, 2014

While going through the inventory of the Special Collections of Belk Library I came across a set of books that weren’t on the inventory list. The theme of the books spanned from race relations, social inequality, and other historic issues that have affected the United States. After asking for more information on the unlisted set of books I discovered that they belonged to William H. Maness Sr. ’38, an Elon alum who served as a vocal supporter of the civil rights movement. The more I went through his collection the more interested I became in the man who had been its owner. Continue reading

Phi Psi Cli yearbook archive hits cyberspace

Eric Townsend-University Relations
Dec. 21, 2009

Page from Phi Psi Cli. Photo courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Elon University’s entire collection of yearbooks, from Phi Psi Cli’s debut in 1913 through its 2009 edition, is now available to view online with search functions that allow users to locate specific names and organizations in a given year.

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First Japanese student graduated from Elon in 1920

Pam Richter – Class of 2011
Dec. 3, 2009

Toshio Soto was the first Japanese student to graduate from Elon. Photo courtesy of Belk Library Archives.

In about one month, I will be boarding a plane to Japan. Not only will this be my first-ever study abroad experience with Elon, it will be my first time traveling out of the country. It is an exciting moment for me, but also for study abroad at Elon, since it is the first time Elon students and faculty will be traveling to Japan for the winter term class – Japan Media and Culture.

Since I am traveling to Japan shortly, I found it interesting to learn that the first Japanese student graduated from Elon in 1920. Her name was Toshio Soto and came to Elon from Kobe, Japan. In 1920, she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree, in addition to receiving a diploma in art in 1919, and a certificate in art in 1918.

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Class ring from 1899 donated to Elon

Katie Nash
Nov. 18, 2009

Class ring from 1899. Photo courtesy of University Relations.

An 1899 class ring worn by Everett Doggett Summers was recently donated to the Archives and Special Collections.   Anna Lois Bulla (the niece of E.D. Summers) remembers wearing the small gold ring as a child, with the inscription “99” on the outside of the ring and her uncle’s initials on the inside.  Bulla, 90, of Concord, N.C.,  said,  “I liked to wear it to school because I didn’t have any rings, and the other kids thought it was special.”

Members of the class of 1899. Photo courtesy of University Relations.

The class of 1899 had 12 members, and the class photograph shows the male students wearing the ring on their pinky fingers.  The graduating class of 1899 included: Walter Monroe Brown, John Turrentine Cobb, Jennie Pretlow Holland, David Jennings Sipe, Anna Elizabeth Pierce, David Palmer Barrett, Charles Everett Newman, Ada DeWitt Michael, Estelle Walker, Ned Faucette Brannock, and William Allen Harper.

The ring will be on display in Johnston Hall so the Elon community, alumni, and friends of Elon can enjoy this unique piece of Elon’s history.