The story of the Martin Alumni Center (MAC)

Katie Nash
August 27, 2013

Ever wonder about the history of the white house on the corner of Haggard Avenue and O’Kelly Avenue on Elon’s campus? It’s one of the few older houses still standing on Elon’s campus, and to trace its history we have to travel back in time to 1965. Records show that in October 1965, a gift agreement was set-up between Algier Lloyd Rich, his wife Minnie Allene Patton Rich (Class of 1911), and Elon College in which the Rich family gave their home and land (which included a barn!) to the College, while still able to live in their home and maintain lifetime rights. The house was built between 1938-1940 and upon the death of Mr. Rich in 1986 and Mrs. Rich in 1987 the house became officially part of the Elon College campus. Continue reading


The Oldest Landmark on Campus

Julia Mueller
December 14, 2012

Students gathering at the Old Well in the 1960s.

Students gathering at the Old Well in the 1960s.

The Old Well was constructed in 1889 and was Elon College’s primary water source until 1906.  It was also the water supply for the Town of Elon.  The Old Well received its name because of its long history and age – it is considered the oldest landmark on Elon’s campus. Continue reading

An Elon Athletic Field: Gone But Not Forgotten

Katie Nash
May 25, 2012

Football at Comer Field

Comer Field, also known as Firehouse Fields, now known as The Station at Mill Point served as a prominent athletic field and stadium for Elon’s baseball, football, and track teams since 1919. Located off of Williamson Avenue and across the street from the Elon Fire Station, this athletic field has played an important role in Elon’s athletic history. Continue reading

Beautification of downtown Elon

Jacob Chitwood – Class of 2011

April 28, 2011

Downtown Elon prior to the beautification.

While enjoying the recent springtime weather, it’s difficult to ignore the frequent reminders of Elon’s recent commitment to new and exciting construction projects. The evidence of change seems to be everywhere. Roped off crosswalks, bustling construction sites and strategically placed signs that preview each new building all represent Elon’s continual efforts to update and improve their current image. This task of remodeling itself, however, is not new to the Elon community.  Continue reading

History of the old Pendulum Building

Jacob Chitwood – Class of 2011

Elon Post Office-1957

March 14, 2011

As the former Pendulum office on the corner of Williamson and West College Avenue was torn down last month, onlookers gathered outside to watch bulldozers and backhoes make way for the construction project that is part of Elon’s future growth and downtown expansion. Most probably knew the building only as a home for the Pendulum, but a look into the past reveals some of its other important functions.

Continue reading