Elon’s First Library: The Reading Room

Randall Bowman
August 1, 2014

Library Reading Room in the Administration Building, circa 1909

Library Reading Room in the Administration Building, circa 1909

Elon’s very first library was a far cry from the libraries of today.  It wasn’t even a separate building like Carlton, McEwen, or Belk Libraries.  According to George Troxler, in his book From a Grove of Oaks: The Story of Elon University, “…the library and reading room occupied two adjoining rooms on the second floor of the college building.”  It served the college for thirty-three years, from 1890 to 1923.  Along with most of the college’s book collection, both rooms in the Old Main Administration Building were incinerated in the 1923 fire that destroyed this building.  Continue reading

Isabella Cannon’s Bust: Stolen then Found

Julia Mueller
April 12, 2013

Isabella Cannon in 1978Isabella Walton Cannon was a beloved Elon alumnus, Class of 1924, who served as a role model to many.  She became involved in public service and worked around the world.  In 1977, Cannon made the last minute decision to run for mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina against the incumbent Jyles J. Coggins, and won with 52% of the vote.  This caused Cannon to become an immediate national celebrity as she was the first female mayor of Raleigh.  Cannon continued to serve the community after her term and founded the Isabella Cannon Leadership Program at Elon in 1989.  The same year, on Thursday, October 19, the Isabella Cannon bust was stolen from its wooden pedestal in the Isabella Cannon room in the Center for the Arts building. Continue reading

Motion Picture Filmed at Elon

Shaunta Alvarez

February 21, 2013

Did you know that a major motion picture was filmed on Elon’s campus?

Spike Lee

Spike Lee speaking in Alumni Gym, February 1997

Acclaimed film director Spike Lee visited the campus in February of 1997 and spoke to students about the importance of staying in school. He also provided a one-on-one interview with the staff of The Pendulum during which he discussed aspects of his career and gave advice for young filmmakers. Eight months later, Lee returned to Elon to shoot scenes for the movie “He Got Game,” starring Denzel Washington and NBA player Ray Allen. Continue reading

The Oldest Landmark on Campus

Julia Mueller
December 14, 2012

Students gathering at the Old Well in the 1960s.

Students gathering at the Old Well in the 1960s.

The Old Well was constructed in 1889 and was Elon College’s primary water source until 1906.  It was also the water supply for the Town of Elon.  The Old Well received its name because of its long history and age – it is considered the oldest landmark on Elon’s campus. Continue reading

An Elon Athletic Field: Gone But Not Forgotten

Katie Nash
May 25, 2012

Football at Comer Field

Comer Field, also known as Firehouse Fields, now known as The Station at Mill Point served as a prominent athletic field and stadium for Elon’s baseball, football, and track teams since 1919. Located off of Williamson Avenue and across the street from the Elon Fire Station, this athletic field has played an important role in Elon’s athletic history. Continue reading

O’Kelly Memorial Marker mystery

Miriam Pace – volunteer in Archives
May 9, 2011

O'Kelly monument with urn. Former Elon Presidents W.A. Harper (left) and E.L. Moffitt (right) stand in front of the monument.

October 16, 1929 was a special day at Elon College.  That was the day the O’Kelly Memorial Marker that stands between Alamance and Long buildings was dedicated with President W. A. Harper presiding.  Dr. E. L. Moffitt and Dr. W. W. Staley took part in the program, as did soon-to-be-president Dr. L. E. Smith.  The marker recognized and honored the importance of Reverend James O’Kelly in the founding of the Christian Church, which subsequently founded Elon College. Continue reading