State of the art: The Carol Grotnes Belk Library

Randall Bowman
December 6, 2013

Belk Library, 2002

Belk Library, 2002

By the mid-1990s, it was very obvious that the Iris Holt McEwen Library was woefully inadequate to serve as Elon College’s library.  The college was growing and progressing as an institution; the student body was not only increasing in size, but in quality.  Planning began to build an innovative library that would be a key component of Elon’s increasing emphasis on engaged learning.  Fundraising for the new library was part of the Elon Vision, a five-year, $40 million strategic plan for strengthening academic programs.  An Elon Vision brochure established that this library would be something new.  “The new library will be located at the center of campus, serving as a dynamic intellectual hub between instructional facilities to the south and residential halls to the north.  This 75,000 square foot facility will combine the traditional library collection with the latest electronic information capabilities and an array of services that support students and faculty.” Continue reading


KCSL Celebrates 25 Years!

Julia Mueller
October 30, 2013


Lynne Wright Kernodle and her son, John Robert Kernodle III, cut the ribbon marking the dedication of the service learning center. Photo courtesy of Magazine of Elon, Spring 1997.

This academic year the Kernodle Center for Service Learning is celebrating its 25th anniversary! The Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement provides a variety of volunteer opportunities to students, faculty, and the community.  The goal is to promote leadership, student learning, and citizenship through community engagement. The Center for Service Learning was founded in 1988 when Habitat for Humanity was chartered at Elon College.  In 1989, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter promoted Habitat for Humanity during his visit to Elon.  In 1990, Elon Volunteers (EV!) was founded as a part of the Chaplain’s Office.  In 1992, the Center for Service Learning hired its first paid staff member, which was funded through a grant given to the college from the United Church of Christ.  The academic year from 1992-1993 were the first years that volunteer hours and number of volunteers were tracked.  The Service Learning Community was founded in 1994 along with the academic courses linked to service.  The “Call to Service” winter term course was first offered in 1996. Continue reading

Elon Poll

Pam Richter – Class of 2011
November 3rd, 2010

For students looking for some part-time, minimal commitment work, a great option on Elon University’s campus is to work at the Elon Poll.  Students will get paid by the hour, earn a free dinner, and will make calls to citizens during the evening, gauging their perspective on state and national issues. Continue reading