Under the oaks is a key phrase in the history of Elon University. Thousands gather under the oak trees on campus every year for commencement and it marks a place in Elon’s unique history.  This blog, updated by the Belk Library Archives and Special Collections staff, will be a place to share other one of a kind stories about the university and the surrounding communities.

The Belk Library Archives and Special Collections Department is a place where the past and present unite.  In the Archives and Special Collections, researchers will find various records of historical significance and value.  The records and materials date back to the founding days of Elon College (1889) and continue into the present day.  They also relate directly to the history of the College/University, the Town of Elon, and occasionally surrounding geographical areas.  The materials found in the Archives and Special Collections not only offer a glimpse into the past, but also provide foundations and potential growth for the future.

The Archives and Special Collections exist primarily for the use by faculty, staff, and students of Elon University; however outside researchers are welcome.  Serving as the official repository for the records of Elon University, the Archives preserves, collects, maintains, and makes available University records of administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical value.  In addition, the Archives also collect brochures, pamphlets, booklets, articles, printed materials, and photographs that relate to alumni, faculty, staff, and students of Elon University.

The Special Collections of Belk Library collects, preserves, maintains, and makes available a variety of collections and their materials.  Some of the Special Collections include: Elon Authors Collection; McLendon Civil War Collection; Johnson Signed Book Collection; Church History Collection (UCC); Jo King Collection; Sloan Bible Collection; Jane Belk Moncure Collection; and Williams-Honeycutt Rare Books Collection. The Belk Library Archives and Special Collections share a common goal in upholding the historical preservation and knowledge of the unique holdings within a variety of collections.

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