The Loy Center ‘Spirit Rock’

Julia Mueller May 9, 2014

Bill Loy and Loy Center rock, circa 1997

Bill Loy and Loy Center rock, circa 1997

In 1997, the Elon College Greek Courts were renamed from the Greek Lodges to the Loy Center in honor of William (Bill) E. Loy, Jr. and in memory of his wife, Elizabeth Apple Loy ’47.  Two rocks were added to the neighborhood.  The first rock belonged to Mrs. Loy’s family, and was placed in the Greek circle.  A plaque commemorating the Loy family is attached to the rock.  This rock is not to be painted.  The second rock became known as the ‘spirit rock.’

Spirit Rock, Loy Center

Spirit Rock, Loy Center

The ‘spirit rock’ is located at the entrance of the Loy Center.  Greek organizations are allowed to spray paint this rock to show their Greek pride.  Painting the rock becomes especially common during recruitment, the new member period, Homecoming, and Greek Week.  Members of the organization typically gather at night to paint the rock so it is a surprise for the other Greek organizations the following day.  This tradition represents both competition in the Greek Neighborhood and unity within the organization.  It is unclear when the tradition began, but it is expected that organizations started painting the rock in the late 1990s soon after the dedication of Loy Center.


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