Elon University Seal

Katie Nash
August 31, 2012

During most events at Elon University, the large university seal is usually present. Maybe you have never noticed it before, but hopefully after reading this blog post you will begin to notice it and have a better understanding of what it means and its origins. The Elon seal was designed by Dr. Walton Crump Wicker, former faculty member and someone who played a major role in the founding of Elon College. The design was approved by the Elon Board of Trustees in June of 1911. The words Numen Lumen appear on the seal which is the Latin motto of the University. Numen means spiritual light while Lumen means intellectual resources. The date 1889 represents the year Elon College was founded.

As for the other symbols represented in the seal, the two columns/pillars signify strength and power. The Holy Bible is included to represent the values upon which the institution was founded and built. The other books pictured stand for knowledge and culture. The item on top of the books is a candlestick with a flame (sometimes referred to as a lighted urn/urn of truth) and it symbolizes the light that the school spreads across the world. The all seeing eye at the top of the seal represents an entity that keeps a careful watch over the school, the faculty and staff, students and alumni, friends and donors, the Elon community, and physical spaces on campus and surrounding areas.

As stated in the Elon College Weekly publication on May 24, 1911, “We feel that the seal shows in a general way that for which Elon College stands, spiritual and intellectual development, progress in all the sciences and arts, strength of manhood and womanhood, light for the benighted and ignorant, and all guided by the all seeing eye of the Omnipotent.”


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