An Elon Athletic Field: Gone But Not Forgotten

Katie Nash
May 25, 2012

Football at Comer Field

Comer Field, also known as Firehouse Fields, now known as The Station at Mill Point served as a prominent athletic field and stadium for Elon’s baseball, football, and track teams since 1919. Located off of Williamson Avenue and across the street from the Elon Fire Station, this athletic field has played an important role in Elon’s athletic history.

Baseball at Comer Field, 1940s-1950s

Comer Field opened in the fall of 1919. It was the main athletic field and stadium for baseball, football, track, and a number of intramural teams. In June of 1919, football was once again permitted at Elon College after a decade of being banned as a sport. This decision prompted the administration to provide a more adequate athletic field for the team. The field was equipped with a dirt track, baseball diamond, football gridiron, and grandstand. Football continued to be played on Comer Field until the Burlington Memorial Stadium was constructed at Williams’ High School during the early post WWII years, at which time Elon arranged to use this facility for football games. Baseball and track continued to use Comer Field until the late 1960s when new facility were constructed.

Football, 1933

During some of the first games played at Comer Field, the college band and females would occupy the grandstand seats, while the male spectators resided behind ropes at the side of the playing area. This allowed the males to run up and down the sidelines (behind the roped off area), especially during football games.

Comer Field was named in honor of “Uncle Pinkie” Comer, an African-American who served the Reverend James Willis Wellons at Elon College during the early 1900s, and also took care of the athletic grounds on campus. The naming of Comer Field could possibly account for the first space at Elon University named in honor of an African-American.

The Station at Mill Point (junior and senior student housing) is scheduled to open in August of 2012, located on the former Comer athletic field. According to the Elon web site, “The Station combines the advantages of on-campus housing with the independence and amenities many students look for in off-campus housing. The 24 two-story furnished homes in The Station have the look of a classic Charleston neighborhood, with wide sidewalks, buildings of different shapes and colors, inviting porches and a pool and recreation facilities. Each apartment has an open floor plan, including a living room, full kitchen, dining room and private bedrooms and bathrooms.” Click here to see photographs of The Station at Mill Point.

Click here to see a video on YouTube about Comer Field.


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