An Elon Athletic Field: Gone But Not Forgotten

Katie Nash
May 25, 2012

Football at Comer Field

Comer Field, also known as Firehouse Fields, now known as The Station at Mill Point served as a prominent athletic field and stadium for Elon’s baseball, football, and track teams since 1919. Located off of Williamson Avenue and across the street from the Elon Fire Station, this athletic field has played an important role in Elon’s athletic history. Continue reading


Commencement Traditions: Oak Tree Saplings

Katie Nash
May 18, 2012

Oak saplings at Commencement

Commencement at Elon in 1991 marked the first time tree saplings were handed out to graduates. Furman Moseley (Class of 1956) was the Commencement speaker that year, and gave graduates California Redwood saplings. President Fred Young (1973-1999) decided to carry on this tradition at the 1992 Commencement by giving each graduate an oak sapling. According to the Elon Traditions web site, “Upon graduation, each graduate¬†is given a Shumard oak sapling to celebrate the growth they have experienced¬†throughout their time at Elon as well as the growth they’ll encounter as lifelong learners. ” This tradition is continued today, and may your oak sapling thrive!

Read more here about the tradition at Elon.

Commencement Traditions: Academic Regalia

Katie Nash
May 11, 2012

Faculty wearing academic regalia, Commencement 1987

Academic regalia has been worn by faculty and students at Elon during Commencement and selected Convocations since the first Commencement at Elon in 1891. The wearing of academic regalia at modern colleges and university’s originated in medieval European universities and has not changed much since the 16th century. It signifies the wearer’s academic accomplishment and includes a robe, head covering, and hood. Continue reading

Commencement Traditions: The Elon Mace

Katie Nash
May 4, 2012

Elon Mace

Commencement at Elon is full of long-standing traditions. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight a few of these traditions, starting with the Elon mace. Have you ever witnessed Dr. Earl Danieley carrying a large silver item at university events such as Convocation and Commencement? Indeed, Dr. Danieley along with numerous faculty members have shared the privilege of carrying the Elon mace during campus events. Continue reading