Masquerade Ball at Elon College

Miriam Pace – volunteer in Archives
July 12, 2011

Gym in North Dorm

During a quiet and somewhat dull weekend in 1947, the male students of East Dormitory staged a masquerade ball. The ball took place in the gym of North Dormitory and it attracted a crowd of gypsies, pirates, sheiks, and Turks (all students of course!).

Prizes and boxes of candy were given for the best costumes, as the boys of East Dorm (mostly veterans of WWII) couldn’t afford much. During the Grand March, Jack McFadden won for the most original costume – a seductive red light girl with a lampshade hat. Roberta Roberts won for best all-around costume when she dressed up as a rotund grandma. Wallace Owen dressed as a tramp and was voted most comical.

The real “prize” of the evening (although they didn’t win anything) was Sheik Percy Price and Elon College art professor Lila Newman. In the November 1, 1947 issue of the Maroon and Gold student newspaper, they were reported to be “something out of Persia.” Refreshments of punch and cookies were served by white jacketed waiters—who of course were in costume. It seems that the students in 1947 had a sense of humor!


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