Self-governing club at Elon

Pam Richter – Class of 2011
November 19th, 2010

Currently Resident Assistants serve as the watchdog in dorm rooms across Elon’s campus, but this was not always the case.  In September 1909, the East Dormitory self-governing club was established.  President E.L. Moffitt was upset with the behavior taking place in the dormitory and appointed professors W.P. Lawrence and Thomas Cicero Amick to draft a constitution and establish bylaws. Continue reading


Elon Poll

Pam Richter – Class of 2011
November 3rd, 2010

For students looking for some part-time, minimal commitment work, a great option on Elon University’s campus is to work at the Elon Poll.  Students will get paid by the hour, earn a free dinner, and will make calls to citizens during the evening, gauging their perspective on state and national issues. Continue reading