Summer school has deep roots in Elon’s past

Pam Richter – Class of 2011

July 20, 2010

Currently there are 2013 students enrolled in both summer school sessions at Elon University. Students are in the midst of the second session at Elon. In addition to 62 classes on campus, many online classes are currently offered as well this summer.

Summer schedule from 1943.

Many of the students who are taking summer classes are athletes, double majors, or students just trying to get ahead on various graduation requirements. But the reasons students are now enrolled in summer school differed greatly from that in 1953, when there was an emphasis for incoming freshman to begin to take summer classes. The Elon Alumni News from May 1, 1953 stated: “Elon College has always accepted freshman in summer school but there has been special emphasis on this for the past two years, when the national emergency has made more evident the necessity for a speed-up in the educational program of many young people especially for young men who face the possibility of military service.”

According to the Maroon and Gold on March 28, 1936, summer session at Elon began in 1933. During the late 1930s and 1940s, enrollment in summer school reached an estimated 100 students at several points.

With Elon typically offering two summer sessions, in 1995 the school dropped one of the sessions and created an extended session beginning June 6 and ending July 12. This was not a permanent change. In 2001, Elon made its most recent change to the summer school program by offering more than a dozen web-based classes.


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